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Christian Theocracy
I get tired of leftist secular humanists crying 'theocracy' anytime any Christian has influence. It takes far too long to explain that they are being idiots. Thankfully, First Things does a great job of this. It's a great resource for highlighting the stupidity of the claim. Some excerpts...
This reality poses no particular problem if you simply disagree with religious conservatives about abortion or gay marriage or prayer in public schools. But if you’re committed to the notion that religious conservatives represent an existential threat to democratic government, you need a broader definition of theocracy to convey your sense of impending doom. Which is why the anti-theocrats often suggest that it doesn’t take mullahs, an established church, or a Reconstructionist ban on adultery to make a theocracy. All you need are politicians who invoke religion and apply Christian principles to public policy.
Yep...redefining terms to scare people into fearing those you speak against. Propaganda 101.

So the rise of the Religious Right, and the growing “religion gap” that Phillips describes but fails to understand, aren’t new things in American history but a reaction to a new thing: to an old political party newly dependent on a bloc of voters who reject the role that religion has traditionally played in American political life. The hysteria over theocracy, in turn, represents an attempt to rewrite the history of the United States to suit these voters’ prejudices, by setting a year zero somewhere around 1970 and casting everything that’s happened since as a battle between progress and atavism, reason and fundamentalism, the Enlightenment and the medieval dark.
Historical revisionism to make everything against your position a atavism (throwback). Propaganda 102.

These people aren't interested in rational discourse, just in misleading and scaring people into getting their own way.
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