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Thailand Coup Lessons
Most will have heard that there has been a coup in Thailand, with the prime minister ousted whilst he is out of the country. What is curious is seeming alliance between secular humanists, marxists and Muslim's that brought about this coup.

A few things, almost all from the article above
-> The head of the military, is a Muslim who was appointed (in a monumental mistake for the government) because he was thought he could better handle the Muslim insurgency in the south.
-> This general, Sondhi, has urged negotiations with the Muslim insurgency. One can only assume negotiations would include allowing more Muslim control of the laws in the south.
-> 'Some of Thaksin's critics wanted to jettison his policies promoting privatization, free trade agreements and CEO-style administration.' These are conservative agenda's and the 'critics' would be leftist, socialist types
-> The prime minister 'alienated' the urban middle class, intellectuals and 'pro-democracy activists', assumingly with the above conservative agenda.

There were of course allegations that the government was making things so much more corrupt (and from media comments, I assume this idea was transmitted to the public...sound familiar?). Of course, both the World Bank and Transparency International have concluded that corruption is a lot better under the ousted governments administration than under previous, more liberal governments. Good thing the liberal media continues to undermine governmental stability.

The lesson out of this is that the agenda's of the secular humanist left and the Muslim community can combine against a common enemy (for at least a time). It's an important lesson in the current clash of civilisations when the Media and major universities are overtly left leaning.
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