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Lessons from the Crocodile Hunter
After reflecting on the news that Steve Irwin died, and reading many peoples comments I have come to the realisation that, although I can't vouch for his morality or his personality as I never new the guy, there are things that I can find worthy of commendation.

Austin Bay has his response to the news where he gets it completely wrong.
Yet I had a problem with the komodo dragon program – a problem similar to the one I have with high-wire circus aerialists doing triple flips without a net. Circus showmanship and pagentry provide grand entertainment, but if the aerialist falters and falls, how do I explain the tragedy to my children? We came for Ringling Brothers and show biz, not Circus Maximus and blood sacrifice....A violent, unnecessary death.

Irwin was idiosyncratic, personable, enthusiastic, informed, and physically courageous. That’s a lot to admire. But what drove him to get too close one too many times?
Now I generally like a lot of what Austin has to say, but this time he is missing the point compeltely. If there is one thing we can learn from Steve Irwin it is this. Life is worth living, risks are worth taking. Steve was passionate about what he did, and even though he took educated risks, he truly lived. How many people who feel as Austin feel can say that. We can't avoid risks in life. A life lived in fear where we don't push the limits is a life where little progress happens. History is replete with examples of people who pushed the limits, risking all to go that one step it the space program, the taming of the U.S.'s west, or the exploration of the oceans by early sea-farers. None of it was 'necessary', but all of it was about being alive.

So the lesson is, there are more important things than safety and that is what Austin could tell his kids if something bad happened.
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