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Big Bang a Shadow of its Former Self
In another blow to the Big Bang theory, scientists have falsified a prediction of the theory, that they would find shadows in the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMBR). The shadows were meant to be cast by galaxy clusters which would have the effect of blocking some of the CMBR. If this is replicated, then
"Either it (the microwave background) isn't coming from behind the clusters, which means the Big Bang is blown away, or ... there is something else going on," said Lieu. "One possibility is to say the clusters themselves are microwave emitting sources, either from an embedded point source or from a halo of microwave-emitting material that is part of the cluster environment.
Of course, it could be claimed that the source of the CMBR is on our side of these galaxy clusters which would resolve the problem (think about how you won't see a shadow of a building if the light is between you and it). But what this would mean is for smarter men than me to work out.
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