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They Just Don't Get It - Raising Kids
The self-esteem chorus (generally the secular humanist influenced people who think if we are just nice enough, everyone will be 'good') continues to go from cluelessness to cluelessness. In latest news, many kids don't compete, but instead everyone wins a trophy (A few 'Christian' kids games do this as well). The main thrust of the article is the rule in many schools that you can't talk about a party unless everyone in the class is invited.
Coach Boon, from Remember the Titan's sums this approach up perfectly
"You think you are helping these kids? You're crippling them".

These kids won't be able to avoid reality when they get out of school, and because they have never learned how to deal with losing, or not being 'included' they will get angry, go postal or crack a mental. Sounds like a lot of people on the left really.

Of course, for those who bow down at the secular humanist, perfect people altar, it doesn't matter how much your efforts create the opposite effect to your goal, the solution is to do even more of the same ludicrousness. From the article
Susan Reel, a mother of two living in Madison, Connecticut, doesn't see a downside to inviting the whole class to a birthday party....
She believes that schools are paying more attention to children's feelings because they understand better today the damage done when a small group of kids is consistently excluded.

"When we went to school, people were bullied. Now we know kids have a much greater instance of suicide and depression when they've been bullied," she says.

Yep....blinded by the cult of self-esteem.
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