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Theocracy is Coming - The Sky is Falling
So many people (especially on the left) scream blue murder when ever religious people actually want a say in their own country. The most common cry is that 'Theocracy is coming', with the obligatory mention of Muslim theocracies etc etc etc. Of course, if you want to take a look at history, you can quickly realise that this is all a crock. A scare tactic as opposed to a rational argument.

Case in point, the Secular HumanistDemocrat Party. They aren't interested in everyone having an equal say, just in using whatever means they can to shut up competing religions to their own.

This latest event should give them cold shivers and bad dreams. John Howard endorsing a Christian forum which made the case that we should re-establish Australia as a Christian country.
"Judeo-Christian ethics, the progressive spirit of the enlightenment and the institutions and values of British political culture have been central to the development of Australian values"

The forum was organized by the Parliamentary Christian Fellowship, a non-partisan group of Christian Members of Parliament. The group’s president, former Nationals leader John Anderson, opened the forum at Parliament House and pointed to the Christian origins of the principles underlying democracy.

“I think we confuse in the public mind very much what we really are, and certainly our government is secular,” he said. “It's actually a Christian concept that you should separate church and state -- it's one of the great differences between us and Muslim societies.”

“What is a secular value system?” he asked. “I could argue the extreme case, that a secular value system gave us World War II via Nazism.”

The Australian quotes Anderson saying that Australians enjoy the “fruits” of a Christian value system but warned that “no fruit will survive without you tending the roots that provided the growth in the first place and without replanting.”

The obvious case is this. Australia (and America) had a lot more Christian influence in the past without being a theocracy. Moving back towards that level of influence obviously does not entail becoming a theocracy.
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