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CNN is reporting that scientists are now thinking the universe is 15% older than previously thought. This would require a modification of Hubble's constant. (Or not so constant as the case may be....) How many times have you heard confident pronoucements that the age of the universe is 13.7 Billion years. The boy who cried wolf comes to mind.

There are of course, many implications
If accurate, the finding would be difficult to mesh with current thinking about how the universe evolved, one scientist said.
This is hardly suprising. Every week we hear of some observation with doesn't mesh with current thinking about the universe evolved. This is just another.

Creation Safari's (CS) has a couple of information articles as well. Firstly, the evidence is out that America ranks nearly last in evolution belief. Of course, the science types blame the fundamentalists (Hmmm...didn't the germans blame everything on the jews...scary pattern). CS notes that this is cast as a bad thing, which is circular logic as it is assuming that belief in evolution is a good thing. He also notes that most of the Muslim countries were excluded from the study (Needed to make America look bad I guess). Check out the full thing for more of the smear tactics used by the apparently benevolent scientists.

The second article is on the passionate rivalry between physicists over the anthropic principle. CS points out that there is less objective and much more subjective emotional responses to the observed data. Scientists are people like everyone else. It's important to remember that.
Human emotion is no excuse for dishonest ideologically motivated science from either side of the "debate".

Willfullly ignorant losers aren't scientists.
Interestingly 6000 years ago is outside their error bars.
True. But then, the error bars for the 13.7 billion year old figure was only 200 million either side, so the new figures are also outside the error margin. I guess they aren't that useful.
Actually, it looks like Ohio State screwed up the press release:
See here

Pretty typical.
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