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Media Dupes or Co-conspirators - Green Helmet Guy
Meryl Yourish has video proof of Green Helmet guy staging photo's for the allegedly uncorruptable media. It is also important to note that the red cross worker helps in this charade.

Yourish also has details of the Palestinian's lying about the cause of death of a young girl in order to blame Israel. The media seems to just lap this stuff up. Where is the balance?
A few days ago, the world press accused Israel of killing a child while going after terrorists. Surprise—the palestinians lied.

Also Thursday, doctors said that a 5-year-old Palestinian girl initially believed to have been killed by an Israeli military strike Wednesday apparently died after sustaining head injuries during a fall from a swing.

The girl suffered a fractured skull and there were no signs of shrapnel, said Kazim Abu Libda, a doctor at Gaza’s Shifa Hospital.

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