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Media Bias on Israel and Lebanon Continues
In followup to a previous post, I continue to notice unusual focuses in news reports. This morning on the radio I was told that Hezbollah killed 12 IDF troops yesterday, whilst the IDF killed 19 civilians. Anything missing? Like how many civilians Hezbollah killed, how many Hezbollah IDF killed and where is the blazes the news media got these figures from.

Of course, EU Referendum continues to be all over 'Green Helmet' and the Qana incident. It seems more and more suspicious, in fact, I am now moving towards certainly viewing the entire incident as a Hezbollah setup. The American thinker tells us that one of the photographers from Qana has been busted for doctoring photographs. Which makes a mockery of the MSM's defense of 'Green helmet' where they try and pretend that professional photographers wouldn't do that sort of thing. Even our own ABC has been gullible enough to print the doctored photo's. They have their beliefs about the conflict and happily accept even the dodgiest 'evidence' that supports their presuppositions.


Make sure you read the full American Thinker article which gives a lot more details of the dodgey things going on.
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