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Democrats on God and Government
My ethics lecturer has been following the Democrats efforts to get religion out of politics. Another great sign that he is going to continue his one-sided education (I believe the correct term is indoctrination). I checked back at the democrats site though and noticed something interesting. (And no, I don't mean their incredible hypocrisy at decrying pregnancy clinics who do not refer for abortions, whilst supporting planned parenthood who earn their living off discouraging adoption). What I noticed is this. At the bottom of the page on God and Government, the Democrats link to 3 sites.

Humanist Society of Victoria
Humanist Society of South Australia
Rationalist Society of Australia

Someone should tell them that Humanism is a religion, as the Humanist Manifesto I and II both declared. it seems the democrats merely want their religion used in government. Such upfront and honest people.
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