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Clarity in the Confusion
I had a light bulb come on last night when thinking about the current strife in Lebanon. The biggest thing I note is the moral equivalance that many on the loony left seem to have when it comes to Israel and Hezbollah. I have heard them time and time again blame Israel for attacking Lebanon, when it seems pretty obvious that Israel had few alternatives (other than taking their bat and ball and leaving the Middle East). So why do those on the left continue with such an obviously wrong moral equivalance?

The answer I think, is in Utilitarianism. In Utilitarianism, the intention and purpose of an action is irrelevant to whether it is moral or not. It is irrelevant to a utilitarianist why Israel is attacking, it is only the affect that matters. And in that respect, Israel has had a much worse affect than Hezbollah. Hence, the left slam Israel.

What do you think?
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