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Axis of Enemies
With many elite academics on the left, the Islamic threat has influential allies. What is less obvious however, is that many other organisations seem hell bent on ensuring the destruction of Israel and Western civilization. Many of these organisations seem to have swallowed the economic imperialist propaganda from the socialists and communists.

Thanks to the blogsphere, other organisations are starting to be seen for their true agenda. The latest are the Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. These organisations are meant to be about all human rights, yet all they seem to do is criticise Israel and the West. In the latest Israel-Hezbollah hostilities, their bias is quite obvious. From Volokh
At the sites visited by Human Rights Watch—Qana, Srifa, Tyre, and the southern suburbs of Beirut—on-site investigations did not identify any signs of military activity in the area attacked, such as trenches, destroyed rocket launchers, other military equipment, or dead or wounded fighters."

It apparently raised no eyebrows among HRW staff that of the fifteen "civilian" victims in Srifa it identifies in its report, all were men, and thirteen of them were of normal fighting age (17-35)....UPDATE: Dershowitz at the Huffington Post has much more on HRW, concluding that it is repeating "demonstrably false conclusions."

*Here's the evidence that HRW had for Israel "indiscriminately" attacking civilians in Srifa: According to a villager who was in the village at the time of the attack:

There was no Hezbollah in the neighborhood. This neighborhood is known to be partial to the Communist Party, not Hezbollah. There are no Hezbollah people living there. Hezbollah does not have a need to be in this neighborhood, because we are 40 kilometers away from Israel, and the neighborhood looks out over the sea, it is not a strategic place.

Two additional villagers told Human Rights Watch in separate interviews that Hezbollah had not been present in the neighborhood around the time of the attack. "Except for one person, who didn't even belong to Hezbollah, no one in that neighborhood knew how to handle weapons," said Hussain Nazal. He added, "If they hit some houses that belong to Hezbollah we would understand, but this is not the [Hezbollah] neighborhood."

Apparently, HRW thinks it's okay to accuse a country of war crimes based solely on hearsay evidence of male "villagers", acquired while the war was ongoing, who are hanging out in a POG stronghold during an Israeli bombardment, after being warned to leave. Even if these villagers were not POG affiliates (but maybe they are) or even sympathizers, how do you think Hezbollah would have reacted if they had been quoted in an HRW report during the war as stating that Israel was only carefully targeting POG strongholds? I certainly wouldn't issue life insurance to them under such circumstances.
Yep. HRW is cherry picking whose information to report. Just like the media, who are printing fake pictures and accepting whatever propaganda Hezbollah give them.

So how often do AI and HRW condemn Hezbollah for firing rockets indiscriminately with the intention to destroy civilian targets and kill civilians? Or for using the civilian population as human shields? Instead they simply criticise one side. I suspect partly because they realise they have no hope of influencing those who blow themselves up for their cause. The ultimate effect is that they are losing credibility whilst white-anting western civilisations ability to defend itself.
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