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Allies of Terrorism
Little Green Footballs has a few more organisations and people that seem happy to be enemies of America and it's allies.
U.N. Secretary-General
Kofi Annan stressed Friday it was not the peacekeepers' task to strip the guerrillas of their weapons, saying that was an issue for Lebanon's government and "cannot be done by force."

"The troops are not going there to disarm Hezbollah. Let's be clear about that," he said.
Check the LGF site for a picture of a French UN vehicle flying a white flag in southern Lebanon.

Former Malaysian president
Mahathir Mohammad: What enabled the Israelis to do what they are doing now is the United States, so the main culprit is the United States, in particular the present government of the United States. I wouldn’t blame all the Americans. A lot of Americans do not like this war, but their leadership advocates war, as a solution - not only to major problems, even minor problems - we have to kill people. These are really war criminals. That is why we think that something has to be done against the United States.
Yep. Minor problems like launching thousands of rockets indiscriminantly into civilian areas.
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