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Why Evolutionists Don't Want Class Criticism
Answers In Genesis (AIG) has a report from a university class that taught both the evidence for and evidence against evolution without teaching Intelligent Design (ID) or Creation Science. The results are quite amazing and should send cold shivers down the spine of the zealous evolutionists who want the government to ensure that only the positive evidence for evolution is ever taught (So much for academic freedom and open mindedness). Some of the students comments are telling
I would have to say that the argument against evolution is far more convincing to me at this point. I came into this class taking Darwin’s theory for fact, as that is what has been taught for years. I think the argument against evolution needs to gain more attention and needs to start being taught alongside the theory for evolution so that the public can choose for itself instead of taking sides due to sheer ignorance.
Check out the article for comments from the students.

The survey also shows interesting results.

Has this class affected your thinking on evolution?92%8%
Has this class changed your view of evolution? 72% 28%
Do you think both sides of the debate were presented fairly?97% 3%
Before ClassAfter Class
Believe evolution is a fact 77% 29%
Believe all plants and animals have evolved from a common ancestor 71% 38%
Believe humans evolved from non-living matter 53% 36%
Believe there is a scientific case against evolution 71% 95%
Believe in a personal God and Creator 54% 62%
Believe in God 58% 66%
Characterize the evolution/creation debate as:
  science vs. religion 60% 32%
  science vs. belief 23% 13%
  belief vs. belief 10% 31%
  religion vs. religion 0% 7%
  science vs. science 7% 17%

This is what happens when both sides are taught. If evolution really had the stronger case, evolutionists wouldn't scream blue murder at the thought of someone critcising their theory.

Remember this class and survey next time someone tries to tell you that the fact that the more 'educated' you are the less likely you are to believe in God and creation. It is more the more 'indoctrinated' you are.
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