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Well, I am back from the Hillsong conference where they tried to teach me that to be a leader I have to go through a lot of crap and come out the better for it. Deep stuff eh... Don't get me wrong, it was a great conference and I got a lot out of it, just maybe not what they intended me to get....

Bill Muehlenberg has an article on Online Opinion about the recent and expected debacle on Australia's Big Brother series. As expected, most comments use irrational responses such as "keep your morals off our freedoms" (Why are they pushing that morality on Bill's freedoms?) and "one doesn't have to view it" (One doesn't have to view any sort of depravity on TV, does that mean we should allow fights to the death or rapes from the third world on our TV's)

John Sarfati takes an emailer to task for their comments about Creation Science. Reading the emails is an interesting task in checking out whether the emailer uses the same standards for their email that they expect from AIG.

Just One Minute has some good information on how the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee believes a CIA faction is working against the US Administration and how it relates to the Plame/Wilson case.

It seems Iran and Iraq have a lot in common and I don't just mean their borders. Iran has been engaging in shennanigans with nuclear inspectors and the head of the UN inspection team has come out (after being removed at Iran's request) and said that we have no idea what nuclear programs are happening.

The opinion journal has an interesting piece on how raising the speed limits has not resulted in higher fatalities and accidents. The increase from 55 mph to 70 or 80 mph has seen the road incidents decrease since they were implemented. So much for the nanny state whiners.

The Australian Government is putting a big push on to get rid of the marxist inspired revised Australian History that our tax-payer funded schools is foisting on unsuspecting children. Lets see how long it stays that way when our friends in the ALP get into power in the federal government.
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