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Associated Press news headline - U.S. Opposed to Cease-Fire With Hezbollah
The United States held the line Thursday against a quick cease-fire deal in the Middle East, increasingly isolated as world powers and the United Nations demanded an immediate end to fighting between Israel and Hezbollah militants.
Yep...Those unilateral U.S. people are obviously at it again....but what did the U.S. administration really say....

"We'd love to have a cease-fire," White House spokesman Tony Snow said. "But Hezbollah has to be part of it. And at this point, there's no indication that Hezbollah intends to lay down arms."

"I think it's a very fundamental question how a terrorist group agrees to a cease-fire," Bolton said. "How do you hold a terrorist group accountable? Who runs the terrorist group? Who makes the commitments that the terrorist group will abide by a cease-fire? What does a terrorist group think a cease-fire is?"

Yep. The AP is upset with the U.S. for pointing out that it takes two parties to agree to a cease-fire and that Terrorists practicing assymetrical warfare aren't good at understanding what a cease-fire is (which is how this present round of hostilities started).

The headline is just another lame example of media bias
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