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Evolution is Bad For Science
Live Science has reported that bone marrow has been found in a fossil that is supposedly 10 Million years old. The response of course is not to question the untestable age of the fossil, but instead question the testable properties of soft tissue degradation
"It pushes back the boundary for how far [soft tissue] fossilization can go," said study leader Maria McNamara of University College Dublin in Ireland.

Ultimately, this is more of a problem for long agers because...
the amphibian bone marrow was discovered in an environment vastly different form the one in which the T. rex soft tissue was found.
So much for a freak of nature type preservation for the T. rex soft tissue. If it happens in vastly different environments it must be some other common factor that lets soft tissue last, for instance, the untestable old ages.

Don't count on a revision of the old ages. Instead of accepting testable data like soft tissue degradation, the old agers would rather ignore science to cling to their old age mythology.
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