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Anti-Christian Myths - Reincarnation
Syncretics and Consipiracy theorists love to tell tall tales to twist and degrade Christianity. I heard one from an American guy I talked to last night where he told me about how the church taught reincarnation up until 533, at which point they decided against it in a 'council'. Being the curious sort, I investigated the claim today and found, like so many other myths (Flat Earth, Scopes Trial, Da Vinci Code), that there was no basis for it. The Second Council of Constantinople dealt with Monophysitism (The idea that Jesus Christ had only one nature not two), not reincarnation.

Of course, any claim that Christian theology was changed after 150 ad is highly suspect as we have many manuscripts and writings of church fathers from before that time. That is, we would know that things have been changed.
To support the very real process of Reincarnation is not necessarily anti-Christian. It may challenge your obviously blinkered and highly reductionist view of what Religion is all about.

There is an excellent book titled Reincarnation & Christianity by Geddes McGregor which discusses the understanding of Reincarnation in the early Christian centuries.And how it was repressed.
Which is exactly the ideas I was dealing with. The 'repressed' idea is obvious nonsense as we have many manuscripts from the early church fathers and the bible.
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