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We Live in a Crazy World
It's official. The world is a funny place. This is just some of the last 24 hours of wierd and wacky stories.

Nestle is buying Jenny Craig. Actually, this a brilliant move. Sell tempting treats to make people fat and then charge them money to lose weight.

A con-man who passed himself off as a qualified driving instructor has been jailed for 2 years. Of course, the con-man managed to get a better success record than the average qualified instructor.

Fidel Castro wants Cuba to become a new software go to shop. He is of course having trouble because Cuba's aren't allowed to access the internet.

Someone needs to tell people that illegal immigrants cannot be law abiding citizens, as they are already breaking the law, hence the term "illegal". Jose Lechuga, an ex-illegal immigrant seems to think that the Hazelton mayor is "confusing illegal people with criminals." I think it is Jose who is confused. For bonus points the paper's story tries the racist angle by claiming most "white's" support a crackdown on illegal's.

It apparently doesn't take much to be classed as a missing link by science journalists these days. Apparently, all it takes is to be pretty much a modern duck that is dated 110 million years old. Yep. It's a duck...must be a missing link...crazy.
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