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Victorian Homosexual Lobby is Working
Previously, there were tales of students being forced to role play thinking they were gay and kissing members of the same sex. Now we have a new 'gay' school guide teaching our students. Gone are words like 'mum' and 'dad', and in are words like 'parent' and 'carer'. Also in are poster's of gay celebrities and non-gender specific toys. What the heck is a non-gender specific toy? Is that like Neuter Barbie (tm) or something?

It seems the Victorian government supports the new manual...gotta love those leftist labor loons. Always objecting to Christian's 'forcing' their beliefs on others, but always willing to force their beliefs on everyone.
Victoria's Department of Education and Training has invited the editor of the manual, Vicki Harding, to promote it to principals and teachers at a taxpayer-funded conference in Melbourne next month.

Go Home Schooling!

The full manual is available online.
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