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Phylogenic Fiasco
A recent paper by Degnan and Rosenberg, “Discordance of Species Trees with Their Most Likely Gene Trees,” Public Library of Science: Genetics, Volume 2 | Issue 5 | MAY 2006. has once again shown the pitiful status of evolution for those who care to look. Creation Safari's has a good summary of how this paper shows just how pathetic the relationsip between the phylogenic tree and the molecular tree of life really are. From the paper
This counterintuitive result implies that in combining data on multiple loci, the straightforward procedure of using the most frequently observed gene tree topology as an estimate of the species tree topology can be asymptotically guaranteed to produce an incorrect estimate.
I.e. The tree's don't match!! So much for evolutionary assumptions like similar features implying close ancestry.
So much for hundreds of papers for the last few decades, with all their confident claims about the evolutionary ancestry of this or that group. Now what? Can anything reliable come out of Darwinist attempts to find ancestry in DNA?

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