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Hypocrisy and Planned Parenthood
I shouldn't be suprised. An organisation that promotes the killing of innocent and defenseless unborn is hardly going to be a poster child for moral standards. But, once again, I am suprised by the blatant hypocrisy of Planned Parenthood.

Jivin Jehoshaphat has the latest smear attempt on pregnancy counselling centers by the National Abortion Foundation and links to a previous one by Planned Parenthood.

The general complaints are they give misleading information (probably about the very real breast cancer link to abortion that Planned Parenthood chooses to ignore) and are only there to stop women from exercising their free choice (Because the pregnancy counselling centers FORCE people to not have abortions???).

Yet, looking at the recently reported annual profit of 882 Million Dollars (Good thing they need so much government funding!), what do we see? That their adoption referral's have gone down to an even worse record. Only 1 adoption referral for every 180 abortions. Yet they continue to promote themselves as an adoption referral service.

And they have the nerve to accuse pro-lifers of being anti-choice.
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