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Homology and Evolution
Homology is one of the main arguments for the theory of evolution, arguing that similar appearance implies close evolutionary relationship. Jerry Bergman, a professor of Science with seven degrees (yes, more than me) has a great response to this icon of evolution. Read the whole article, but in summary Jerry shows how homology fails to be a proof for evolution on several grounds.
1) Convergent evolution is claimed when any homologous features are found and it is clear that they species cannot be closely related. It is clear from this that similarity of features is not a predictor of evolutionary relationship and so cannot be proof of evolutionary theory.

2) The embryonic development of homologous features often differs.

3) The genetic basis for homologous features often differs.

Clearly, molecules to man evolution is assumed to be true, and then homology is then used to try and mash what we see into the evolution mold.
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