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An Army of Adam's?
With the news media reeling (pun intended) from the onlaught of an army of bloggers evaluating and criticising their every word, it was only time before the science journals got some of the hassles. Many of the journal's decided to step into the 21st century and have created blogs. Unfortunately, it seems that their hold on defining the science paradigm is becoming as shaky as the main stream media's hold on news. Creation Safari's has a great round up of the less than perfect reception these scientists and editors are receiving.
Despite the magazine’s portrayal of creationists as nothing more than politically-motivated religious zealots, many of the uncensored responses were not shy about refusing to be pushed into that corner. “Saying over and over that it is a religion vs. science debate doesn’t make it so,” said one. “Sure, you can find politicians and creationists to bash, but to be taken seriously, you must address the critics of Darwin who hold prestigious scientific positions within our universities and science organizations such as the National Academy of Sciences.” Another called the magazine’s tactics “propaganda.” Those supportive of the magazine’s assessment were outnumbered nine to five.
The battle continues.
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