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Tim Blair on A Roll
Tim Blair has a great couple of posts in the last day or so. (Great because they appeal to my sense of humour - irony and sarcasm)

Firstly, he covers leftist moonbat Cindy Sheehan's recent visit. Read the whole thing, but a quick selection
The Mother Downunder 2006 Tour opens in Sydney:

A prominent American anti-war campaigner is urging Australians to take to the streets in protest against the Iraq war.

Local anti-war protesters slap foreheads and yelp: “Why didn’t we think of that?”

She says Prime Minister John Howard had no mandate to involve Australia in the war, which began in 2003.

Apart from being re-elected in 2004.

Blair also covers singer turned politician Peter Garrett's position on having a nuclear debate
Peter Garrett last year called for a debate over nuclear power; then he changed his mind; then, last month, he again called for a debate:

"I think we should have a debate about nuclear policy, including our uranium policy,” he said. “My position’s always been the same.”

This week, Garrett’s wish was granted. The Prime Minister has promised a nuke debate. Garrett’s response:

Prime Minister John Howard is creating a false nuclear debate to deflect attention from a lack of action on climate change, Labor frontbencher Peter Garrett says …

"The prime minister’s creating one his great false debates, flying kites, making mischief, and covering up for the fact that he’s done absolutely zip on climate change - nothing in the budget for it,” Mr Garrett told ABC radio.
Priceless. Is Peter Garrett Australia's answer to John Kerry? Only more so? He was for debate before he was against it before he was for it before he was against it?
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