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QLD RE Teaching changes dropped
The State government has backed down over new Religious Education (RE) Teaching rules for QLD state schools. A massive response as well as the claimed concerns that it would open the door for fringe groups like witchcraft and scientology to teach in schools are the stated reason for the back down. Thankfully the multiculturalist moonbats haven't gotten too much control to push through such irrational nonsense. Of course, as the article says they will keep trying.
Humanist Society of Queensland president Zelda Bailey yesterday said she was "bitterly disappointed" over the decision but hopeful the Government would reconsider.

"If we live in a democracy, non-religious people should have the same rights as religious people," she said.

"It's discriminatory not to include non-religious people."
Okay non-religious people should be allowed to teach their 'non-religous' beliefs in religious education?

Those wacky Secular Humanists...always trying to have it both ways....They claim they are religious for 60 odd years, then realising their strategy of seperation of church and state will backfire, try to claim they are non-religious. Now it seems they want to be considered as religious again.
When we were children, a few grandkids ago, Religious Instruction was mandatory in Qld schools, I think there was a choice of maybe 6or 7 different classes to go to for different beliefs. When my daughters attended school I gave them the option to attend these classes or not, all 3 girls after sitting through their first Christian Instruction came home angry. Angry that the only thing they had learnt in the entire lessons was how to put down all other religions, how wrong they were and how right this particular religion was.
Now after many years of not attending, my daughters and I have discussed religion at home and have come up with the disbelief in organised religion,but a stronger belief in our inner self and in Mother Nature.
I'm a little mystified, mistyfied...

Are you saying that we should be angry when one religion teaches why the others are wrong? But isn't that just what you have claimed? That the organised religions are wrong and your somewhat new agy religion is right?
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