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Immigration, Logic and Terrorism
With all the recent discussion of immigration and multiculturalism in both Australia and America, it never ceases to amaze me with the lack of logic on the extreme left. It seems that many would like to have completely open borders where we affirm everyone's culture as equal. But is this really that logical?

Any organisation or group is founded around some common values. It is inescapable. Whether it is your local church, a sports club, rotary or even your place of employment. A business only hires those who suits it's goals. A club only brings in members who agree with it's charter. A church allows membership to those who agree with it's doctrine. Why? Because the group has a purpose and values that need to be the same as those who want to be a part of it. If a footy club lets people who hate football to join and then ultimately control policy of the club, the club itself will no longer be a football club, but a club fixed around completely different values.

Yet somehow, some people have gotten the idea that we should allow anyone and everyone who wants to come into our country to do so. I'm not saying that we should exclude people on the basis of their race or gender. What I am saying is that we should exclude people on the basis of their beliefs, values and purpose. Australia does not need more people who hate democracy, who want to enforce their different beliefs on us or complain about being taught our beliefs. It just won't work as a society unless we at least have a common foundation of values and purpose. It is kind of like trying to have 5 different chefs all trying to cook a different meal in the same pot.

What is currently happening in Australia is that we have removed the white Australia policy (which is a good thing), removing a bad criteria for immigration, and yet have not replaced it with a wiser criteria. We have instead allowed people with vastly different values and purposes in. Even then, we hear the cries from the left about detention centers for illegal immigrants. As if it is wrong to not only have no immigration policy for who can get in, but we should be allowing anyone to come in without any control of the manner in which they come.

It could be better though. Even without a change in immigration policy. But it is worse than just the immigration policy. Our welfare policy is enabling immigrants to not have to move towards our Australian values and instead allow them to live with those values that are opposed to Australia. It nowhere becomes clearer than with Terrorism. The 22 people charged with terrorist activities in Australia, along with their families, have received over 1 million dollars a year in welfare payments. The article mentions that one of the guys being held hasn't had a job in 10 years. But it is worse still, as these people have been arrested, their spouses are receiving EXTRA benefits. Where is the logic in this?

We allow them to come to our country and stay, even though they hate democracy. We pay them money, allowing them not to work. We even give them money to raise large families who also grow up hating democracy. All we are really doing is buying our won destruction, on a handy payment plan of yearly tax payer installments.
The immigration problem is really a perfect storm. You have the left which is obsessed with nondiscrimination and multiculturalism. Anything that hinders people coming into the country is discriminatory and therefore evil.

On the right there are three groups. You have businesses that want cheap labor. You have, in the US at least, neoconservatives who don't see countries as people and places but only ideas. Therefore, we can let anyone come in and not have the country change. They also tend to see nation-states as antiquated and in need of replacement by global bodies. Finally, there are the libertarians who don't believe that people have any right to prevent the free movement of other people.

In the middle are the vast majority of the population who from common sense and actual experience see the disaster this is going to be.
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