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An Anti-Bible Ambush?
A lot of newpapers carried the story on the weekend that Bibles have been removed from bedsides in hospitals in Queensland and Victoria. Note that several hospitals have confirmed the bans. I wonder if this is just a coincidence of reporting or if some concerted effort has been used that 2 states have suddenly decided to remove the bibles. The stated reasons are
1) It may offend some people
2) They could carry germs and so have to be cleaned

Obviously, having a bible in a drawer next to your bed that you don't have to open is considered too offensive by some. Multiculturalism is out of control and it seems our Labor controlled state governments are all too keen to bow down and worship at it's altar.

Of course, the wise Queensland government of Peter Beatie has resorted to out and out falsehoods
Deputy Premier Anna Bligh said media reports that the Princess Alexandra and Royal Brisbane and Women's hospitals had stopped Bibles being left by patients' bedsides were wrong.

The culture war rolls on.
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