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Abortion and Contraception
There seems to be a push by the pro-abortionists to link the pro-life position to an anti-contraception position. Jill Stanek seems to think we need to address the issue
Pro-aborts have honed in on this and are using the contraceptive issue as a wedge to separate the public from pro-lifers and pro-lifers from each other, since abortion is no longer the wedge issue it once was with anyone....Pro-aborts are right. Contraception is next issue after abortion. And pro-lifers must work it through.
and Serge has identified the out of context quote mining done over at the New York Times (Unheard of I know!).

Whilst it is good to see other Protestants thinking about the contraception issue, I think it is a bad strategy for prolifers to link the two issues so strongly. It is biting off more than we can chew so to speak. Essentially the argument from the abortionists is just a slippery slope argument (which they always complain about prolifers using). It is not even a valid slippery slope for two reasons
1) The abortion issue is about whether the unborn is a human life, the contraception issue is prior to the unborns existence.
2) There are many non-abortificant contraceptive methods (To counter Jill's concerns).

Prolifers should keep out of the contraceptive argument. They are seperate issues and it just isn't a good strategy to deal with both at the same time (even if they were linked). Just as the homosexual lobby didn't deal with homosexual marriage until many other ideas had been foisted upon society.
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