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There is a way of approaching the Golden Rule of ethics (do unto others etc) in which you get people to make decisions without knowing which side of the decision they will be on. Michael Barone at the Washington Times poses this question for media bias.
Let's say you were part of a group designing the news media from scratch. Someone says that it would be a good idea to have competing news media -- daily newspapers and weekly magazines, radio and television news programs. Sounds like a good start.
Someone else says that it would be a good idea to staff these news media with people who are literate and well-educated. Check. Then someone says let's have 90 percent of the people who work for these organizations be from one of the nation's two competitive political parties and 10 percent from the other.
Uh, you might find yourself saying, especially if you weren't sure that your party would get the 90 percent, maybe that's not such a good idea. But that's the news media we have today.
But of course, many view their own position as being 'centrist' and so are blinded to the true bias in the media.

The US democrats are doing a great job of showing their lack of spine...again. This time, not one of them has criticized their own moonbat Cynthia McKinney for her ranting about her assaulting a capital police officer. It should be a no brainer, but apparently ms McKinney feels she is above the law in more ways than one.

Aspartame has been cleared of any carcinogenic effect. So much for the eco-fearmongers.

An Australian judge is pushing back against the leftist victim mentality in ruling that a rapists upbringing is irrelevant to whether he should follow the law or not. Now if only the Northern Territory would follow suit.

Thomas Sowell has an awesome column on whether facts are obsolete.
People who urge us to rely on the United Nations, instead of acting "unilaterally," or who urge us to follow other countries in creating a government-run medical care system, often show not the slightest interest in getting facts about the actual track record of either the UN or government-run medical systems.
It is too tempting I guess for those with the loudest voices (like the main stream media, to not care about facts, but instead try to push their agenda in spite of the facts. Take this article on the decreasing chaos in Iraq. You would never know it by reading the media.

In an amusing turn around, a darwinian group was denied funding by in Canada because they were too dogmatic about evolution.
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