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A scientist has proclaimed that we would be better off if a nasty painful ebola virus killed off 90% of the humans on the planet. And what did his audience do? Applaud.

Yep. We should definitely not try and shackle scientists with moral limits as they are all obviously such ethical and moral creatures. We can trust them to have our best interests at heart.

Okay. Enough with the sarcasm. The good scientist also proclaims that we are no more special than bacteria. So my real question is why is he really concerned about whether over population is going to cause problems or not? In fact, why doesn't he just off himself now as his continued existence causes the death of millions of bacteria? It would also reduce the human population too.

*sigh* Intelligent people can believe really stupid things.

Update: A partial transcript of the talk has been released and Telic Thoughts think it shows that the scientist in question did not express happiness at the thought that we would have 90% of the population wiped out by ebola. Personally, I am not yet convinced, as the transcript is missing the text that is really at the heart of the issue. Why not release a full transcript or at least the full portion that covers the remarks in question?
I read the full transcript and class evaluation from the second post below on Dr. Pianka ... That was truly frightening. It needs to be made more frequently known from examples such as this where the slippery slope of evolutionary thinking leads (eugenics, eradication, moral relativism etc.). The class evaluation following put it well:

This is the closest thing this university has to a true religion course and Pianka is the perfect preacher. In other science courses we are taught to look at things specifically and therefore lose the big picture. In this class we study the big picture. "Why are we here?" That question is answered in evolution. Everyone should be required to take this class to "spread the word."

As you pointed out, by what frame of reference does he care at all whether any life is preserved - surely survival of the fittest (if truly responsible for the diversity we see in nature) should be celebrated for all species, rather than playing 'god' and determining which species most need a helping hand, acting against your own.

Thanks for your work on this - well worth raising awareness
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