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Iraq WMD Reality Check
Or, how to handle an interviewers question. Frank Gaffney lays it out for ABC's Tony Jones in a fairly blunt way and Tony Jones has nothing to say, quickly moving the conversation on.
TONY JONES: Except for the fact as it turns out - I'm sorry to interrupt you there - except for the fact as it turns out, he didn't have any?

FRANK GAFFNEY: No, it doesn't turn out at all that he didn't have any. It turns out we haven't found what he had. But what we did find, what the Iraq Survey Group did find, is plans to use the in place dual-use manufacturing facilities once sanctions were lifted to put chemical and biological agents in aerosol cans and perfume sprayers to be shipped to the United States and Europe. That was the plan for terrorist activity that we have confirmed was in place under Saddam Hussein's regime. You haven't heard a great deal about it. Perhaps it has not been reported adequately enough to the Australian people or, for that matter, to the American people. But it's true. That's the kind of thing that prompts me to say I believe it was absolutely necessary to prevent Saddam Hussein and his terrorist allies from being able to operate as they would have been, had we not liberated and country. By the way, I happen to think it's a great thing that we've liberated the country. I very much regret the loss of life that's continuing there. I think it's incumbent on all of us, and we're grateful for Australia's help on this, to prevent that further blood-letting . At the hands of a minority of people who clearly don't want the Iraqi people to enjoy freedom or security.
A great example of a clear and concise rebuttal of the moonbat left 'Bush Lied' lie.

(HT: Tim Blair)
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