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Crucifixion Clashes
A sydney Anglican dean has made a statement saying that Islam and Christianity cannot both be right
Either both are wrong or one is right and the other is wrong, But both of them cannot be right.
He uses the Muslim idea that Jesus did not die on the cross as an example of where Christianity and Islam has a contradictory idea. Such a simple and clear statement of logic obviously could not go un-answered by our logically challenged. Aussie News and Views has the Muslim response.
A debate over such comments is exactly what excites the secular Society, in particular the atheists who view religions as competing enterprises
Yep. Mr Trad, the poor Mufti spokeman has it exactly wrong. The secular humanists want us to ignore logic long enough for everyone to agree that all religions are equally valid. Then, in a shout of triump they will point out that this means all religions must be based on fantasy, not reality, as the only way they can all be equally valid is if they are all equally wrong.
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