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Accountability and the Sexual Revolution
Dr Laura Schlessinger talks about many of the calls she gets from women saying
I also get calls from women who complain that their guy has had sex with them, shacked up with them, made babies with them, and then moved onto other conquests. The whole blame, in their minds, is on the men! Unbelievable! When I bring to their attention that for every step of the way (unmarried sex, all birth control has risk, living together without marriage, no spiritual center to their relationships) they were complicit, they get angry with me. It seems that women have been trained to have "no rules" but still blame men when things don't go as their fantasies would lead them.
This is just another example of our victim mentality culture where everyone expects everyone else to abide by the 'rules' whilst we ourselves are able to live by our own rules. Just like socialism, where people only have 'rights' not responsibilities, we are creating a society of selfishness, which can only go one way.

The bigger question in all this is about human nature. Are we Good? Evil? Somewhere in between? And then you need to ask why are we what we are and how we can deal with it. If you get that question right, and then base your society on that, then clearly society will promote long term happiness and contentment. If you get it wrong, then society will spiral into depression and anxiety. It isn't hard to see which way society is tending at the moment. Perhaps we should rethink our focus on just rights, and look again to our responsibilities.

Update: A related bit of humor is found in this list of product warning labels
Non-Universal Ethics Notice:

Due to the possibility that a common notion of ethics are not
universally shared by all sentient beings, and that therefore the
manufacturer may have entirely different concept of "fairness",
"equity", "honesty", and "integrity" than the consumer, the consumer
should not expect the product purchased to conform in any way to the
advertised properties of the product.
If there are no universal ethical obligations, then why are we trained to expect others to act (as in Dr Laura's callers) according to some standards?
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