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Stupid Scientific Explanations for the Spiritual
Just remember, these guys are highly educated scientists. They must have spent many years at university studying to get their qualifications. Of course, they throw out any semblence of objectivity or honest research in their efforts to promote their atheistic religion.
here could be a straightforward medical explanation for at least three of the world's major religions.
Moses, Mohammed, and Jesus all experienced revelations on mountains, but they were probably just suffering a form of altitude sickness, say a group of Swiss and Israeli neurologists, casting doubt in the process on the very existence of God.
Leaving aside the blatant logical fallacies and the bleedingly obvious naturalism of the gaps special pleading, the simple fact is that Jesus didn't get some revelation on the mountain to kick off his ministry and the only mountains he did go up were not high enough. The Sermon on the mount, and his transfiguration were not high enough to cause altitude sickness (maybe 1100m for the transfiguration). You have to wonder whether the authors feel that altitude sickness helps you rise from the dead also?
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