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LTI Blog points to a comment that illuminates how the pro-choice left really feels about constitutional democracy and the will of the people. In this case, the Tennessee Constitution may be amended to specifically state that abortion is not a right granted within it.
Legislators should not be allowed to overturn a Tennessee Supreme Court ruling by doing an end-run around it, using the state constitution to eliminate womens' rights.
Yep. We should listen to the unelected and unaccountable judges and not the elected legislature or the will of the people.

Creation Safaris reminds us once again that media hype about scientific findings (this time that 'inflation' is now scientifically observed, should be taken with many large grains of salt.

Verum Serum has a post on how scarily inept the FBI was in allowing 9-11. One of their agents tried over 70 times to alert his superiors about the coming plane hijacking.

Dennis Praeger at Real Clear Politics outlines why socialism is such a socially destructive idea. Essentially, it trains people to expect the state to help them and others and so they can be self-centered. This is why there have been massive riots of students in France over letting employers fire new recruits for the first 2 years without cause. Suffice to say, France has a youth unemployment rate of around 23% and this can be attributed to employers not wanting to take on immature workers who they cannot fire unless they do something incredibly drastic like burning down the office.

Also making news is a longnitudal study of 95 people (yes, only 95) that the researchers feel shows that whiny kids grow up to be conservatives (as they want authoritarian security) and self-confident kids grow up to be liberals (as they don't feel the need to be shackled by outdated ideas to feel safe). Considering this study comes from UC Berkeley, I have to wonder how they identified 'whiny' and 'self-confident'. Perhaps it had something more to do with the whiny kids being the ones fighting their excessively liberal environment? Or maybe it was because they were less well off and so had to ask for things as opposed to having everything handed to them on a silver platter? And the real kicker, someone paid money for this worthless study. That another university social psychologist called "I found it to be biased, shoddy work, poor science at best". No suprise for the liberal heartland I guess.
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