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Early Day Care is Bad for Babies
From the 'I told you so' department, new research continues to show that the best place for a baby is with his or her family, with one on one care. The idea that you could put a baby in day care is just plain mean, selfish, lazy.
IT'S A tough call and one that no working parent will want to hear: child care used "too much, too early, too long" damages babies' brain chemistry and affects their social and emotional development....
In a new book, Raising Babies - Should under 3s go to Nursery?, he argues that this growing international body of work combined with neurobiological research clearly suggests that at least during the first two years of life, brain development unfolds at its optimum with one-to-one care. This care could be from mother, father, a loving relative or, if necessary, a single, attentive paid carer.
Yep. We told you so. Yet the secular humanist sexual revolution and their attempt to destroy the traditional family was louder and more influential. Appeals to peoples selfish nature often are.

: I forgot to link to this article. It is a somewhat hysterical response, the author would rather live in denial of the facts and give themselves an excuse to continue the child abuse.

In other unsuprising baby news, using high tech gadgets to amuse your babies is also counter-productive. Spend time with them instead.

And finally, in a country where selfishness has gone over the line, babies are killed for "Compassion". What a sick joke. At least someone in Europe is calling the Netherlands on their Nazi-like Eugenics. The Weekly Standard has the scoop.

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