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55 Democrats in the US have come out and stated they are pro-abortion catholics. I assume, after the recent RU486 vote in Australia, most of our Labor party would class themselves as pro-abortion christians too.

Joe Carter has also commented on pro-life exceptions to a ban on abortions such as rape and incest (The post was on the value of acting even if defeat is currently expected). Joe makes this interesting point in the comments.
Obviously, pregnancies caused by rape provide a unique circumstance and it is understandable that some people may think it warrants an exemption. While I personally don’t believe a child should be killed simply because of the actions of a rapist, I am willing to agree to a political compromise based on the principle of lex talionis. How about we add this exemption: When a child is aborted because a rape-induced pregnancy, the rapist must also be killed. If the situation warrants the taking of an innocent life, then justice demands that we also take the life of the guilty. Would you agree to such a compromise?
I wonder how many people would agree? Jeremy Pierce also has a timely piece on the same exceptions. Jeremy is as always, well worth reading for his insightful thoughts.

In Australia a woman has won a $100,000 lawsuit against a doctor who failed in his attempt to abort her unborn child. This is even though she says she loves her child. Wow. This of course means that someone who obviously didn't want the child whilst pregnant ended up wanting the child afterwards. You won't here that from the pro-abortion people.
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