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The Abortion Decision
With countries the world over giving women the sole decision making ability in whether to get an abortion or not, the whole idea of paternal support is going to become more and more of an issue.

You see, if a father has no say in the decision of whether to have a child or not, there is very little logic in demanding he pay child support. This is just what a father in the US is arguing.
His lawsuit, filed in a federal court, says that men who face fatherhood without their consent should be able to opt out of their responsibilities. While it does not seek to force women to have an abortion or give up their babies for adoption, it claims that women have the right to pursue either option if they do not want to bring up a child on their own.
Ironically, the father uses many of the same arguments that pro-abortionists have used...that an unwilling parent is not good for the child, that it would be a huge disruption in his life.

Sooner or later, abortion or child support is going to give. I just hope it is abortion that disappears.

In related news, Steve from Stand To Reason has a post about how an abortion forum continued for 4 hours and provided great opportunity to engage people in the issue. Of course, it seems some people are finding it hard to find a pro-abortionist to debate. This is an encouraging sign that pro-life arguments, especially the secular scientific ones, are becoming a significant force. The key is to keep bring it back to those same secular arguments when the pro-abortionists try to bring in their own religious beliefs or use an ad hominem attack about the prolifers religiious beliefs to avoid the secular argument.
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