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UK Public Not Convinced about Evolution
The BBC has news of a poll in the UK where only 48% of Brits felt that the theory of evolution was the best explanation of the development of life. Creation (22%) and Intelligent Design (ID)(17%) and No clue (13%) were the other answers selected.

The BBC journalist gets a closer to a correct definition of ID to most other journalists with
Intelligent design is the concept that certain features of living things are so complex that their existence is better explained by an "intelligent process" than natural selection.
Unfortunately, the BBC Editor of their Horizon series (who commissioned the poll) can't see past his own beliefs when he says
This really says something about the role of science education in this country and begs us to question how we are teaching evolutionary theory
Of course, it might have something to do with how evolutionary theory is not that compelling, rather than just how they are teaching it.

Interestingly enough, 44% of respondents said they would like creation science taught in schools.
These two related essays provide an Illuminated understanding of the essentially dimwitted "creation" vs evolution "debate.



The ID movement appeals to processes in biological forms to "prove" the existence of "god".
But all biological forms disintegrate and die---death rules to here,
Where is the "faith" to be had in that? Or even any real basis for "hope".

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