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Real Motivations in Evolution Debate
In being involved with countless discussions on whether Intelligent Design (ID) should be taught in class, one of the most common responses is that ID is not science and so whilst it is okay to teach it in a philosophy or religion class, it is not appropriate to teach it in a science class.

Such a reasonable sounding solution appeals to many people who are keen to compromise and avoid a fight. Afterall, it isn't like one group is trying to completely censor the other groups ideas. The problem is, it is a total lie. The groups that fight against ID aren't interested in open discussion, free inquiry or critical thinking. They are interested in having ONLY their naturalistic worldview taught. This is evidenced by a recent case where a teacher ran a voluntary philosophy class on ID between semesters. The outcry by the usual suspects, Americans for the Seperation of Church and State, and the media was typical of organisations struggling to keep their stranglehold of power.

Creation Safari's has a great article covering all the real facts behind this case. Have a read, and make sure you pass it on. The pretense of the evolutionists about being reasonable needs to be shown for the hollow rhetoric it really is. I'll leave you with one of Creation Safari's important facts
None of the plaintiffs had students in the class.

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