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Right Reason has a good post on educational woes due to a lack of available discipline in the classroom. If you don't get human nature right, problems turn up. Not displining boys properly is part of the educational problem we face in Australia as well. From the post
Nor did it take me long to figure out why boys are falling behind girls all across the country. Because it is boys, far more than girls, who need strict discipline and who go straight to hell without it. Raising and teaching boys is a lot more like taming wild horses than it is like nurturing wounded birds - but we are locked in a feminist cultural moment that sees education as, precisely, "nurturance."

Boundless Magazine has 3 weekly articles (released on friday in Australian time). I highly recommend you check them out weekly as they generally have insightful or thought provoking posts. This week, they have an article on cell phones where i think the author mis-diagnoses the problem as the sympthom. Cell phones are just another way to be inconsiderate of those around you. The second article deals with human nature, particularly male nature and is well worth reading.

Finally, I found a wierd article on platonic office pseudo-marriages that supposedly help your happiness. Wierd. I wonder how many end up wrecking real marriages.
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