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Lydia McGrew has a good post on the willful blindess of many of the left who champion choice. Of course, her title 'Choice Devours Itself' is reminscent of the idea of the Revenge Of Conscience Both are worth reading to remind yourself that it isn't just a slippery slope, but an active push towards evil.

Mike Gene lambasts the treatment of Intelligent Design (ID) by many evolutionists as propaganda when they try to link ID with Creation Science. He fails however to notice how much propaganda is used against Creation Science.

Stanley Kurtz reveals how clearly Canada is on an active path towards removing the concept of marriage and the tradional family. A clear objective of the secular humanists is close to being completed.

Adult Stem Cells continue to go from strength to strength. The latest cure is for Lupus, a rather nasty autoimmune disease that attacks vital organs. The left continues to ignore these successes in pushing embryonic stem cell research. Could it be that they want to push embryonic research to change peoples perceptions of the value of life?

Kate Mannix is a pro-choice catholic. She wrote this article to explain why. Important things to note are how she didn't view her children as a gift from god, but instead she 'felt like god' because SHE could create life. She then complains that a single lecturer didn't have experience of children, so therefore ALL prolife people must just be defending a principle, not life. This is even though this is clearly not the case (e.g. Roe herself). It gets even worse when she says that prolifers (she has started to refer to them as anti-choice) think the unborn 'must have even more human rights than the already-born'. So lets review...God complex, bad logic, ignoring evidence AND creating a straw man of the other sides views. There are many more instances...I'll leave you to find them.
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