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The UN World Mortality Report 2005 has an interesting bit of information. It seems that countries where abortion is illegal have lower maternal mortality rates than those where it is legal. So much for the back alley abortion argument.

Mike Gene at Telic Thoughts has an informative post on Darwin's Day Celebrations. It seems the secular humanist's created the day to push their religion, and yet how many churches have jumped on board with it? Lenin's useful idiots comment comes to mind.

DNA evidence has cast serious doubts on Mormon claims for Native Americans being descendended from middle east tribes. People should of probably realised earlier this religion is a bit of a sham. After someone translated one of the egyptian documents and found it didn't say what mormon founder Joseph Smith said it did.

South African scientists have a fantastic new breakthrough in solar power. Hopefully this technology will be commonplace in ten years or so.

Leon Wieseltier takes Daniel Dennett to task for his scientism masquerading as science book called 'Breaking the Spell: Religion as natural phenomenon'. Interesting information in the 3 page article include that David Hume was a theist (I never knew.)

Iran continues to test how dumb people really are. This time they are trying to deny they said they wanted to wipeIsrael off the map, using double speak and equivocation. The only people they will convince are the ones who want an excuse to appease the mad mullahs.

First it was Dana Vale, now our very own Prime Minister is speaking out against sections of the muslim community. He suggested that some muslims are extremists and are unable to embrace the australian way. Whilst this seems self-evidence with the recent riots and revenge attacks in NSW, Muslim groups are 'offended'. Before you believe too many of the Muslim groups statements, consider how in the UK, 4 out of 10 muslim's would like Sharia law implemented.

With Iraq and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), we may be getting a better look at what really was the case before the invasion. Some tapes of Saddam that touch on the topic are being translated and released (Consider the huge amount of translation and sorting that has to be done on the millions of recordings/documents). Of course, you wouldn't know it by the media's silence on the matter. They are too busy trying not to print cartoons that might offend muslim's and hyping up Dick Cheney's accidental non-fatal shooting of a friend whilst hunting.

The Washington Times has a good reminder of what human rights are really about. The upshot is that human right's must simultaneously apply to everyone whilst not putting obligation on someone else to act.

Victor Davis Hanson has a good reminder of how appeasement has always been a disaster. Victor wonders why people delude themselves into thinking that appeasement can work, but it is obvious. They have an incorrect view of human nature, particularly that of those they are trying to appease.
David Hume was a theist

So was Voltaire. Surprising isn't it? He was disgusted with the French church's corruption rather than being an out and out atheist according to a book I've read recently but can't find right now. So all I can tell you is that it's title is something like "The Twilight of Atheism" and it's written by an Alister somebody who's something at Oxford, I think. Sorry. But if you do manage to find it from these vague clues, it's a good read.
The Twighlight of Atheism was written my Alister McGrath.

It is on my (very long) list of books to read. I will have to bump it up in priority as I keep hearing that it is very good.

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