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More Dinosaur Feather Myths
Yep. They are at it again. Science journalists really have no clue. Another dinosaur, a purported ancestor of the T-Rex, has been found in china, and the media is talking about feathers again. Creation Safaris has the full scoop. The simple rule is this, if a news article talks about evolution in some way, you shouldn't trust it. Go to the source. There is no mention of feathers in either of the Nature articles, yet here we have the media proclaiming a new feathered dinosaur.

Once again, the reason is plain, a blind adherent of the church of darwin, Mark Norell from the American Museum of Natural History, who was one of the co-discoverers of both 'feathered' fossils has been telling tall tales again. His comment on this latest find "Because they’re so closely related, there’s no reason at all to think it didn’t have feathers". There's the logic of the evolutionists for you. "We don't need evidence, we have assumptions!"
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