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Evolutionary Post Mechanism Contoversy
The controversy is out of the bag. Evolutionists are at loggerheads with each other over what mechanism was the primary driver for the evolution of this post.

Richard Dorkins, a prominent evolutionary zoologist, has been very vocal in the news paper claiming that the post was “unambiguously the work of natural selection selecting for the beneficial instants of many Glob-S&R mutations.” Glob-S&R mutations are a mutation where one letter or word throughout the posts code is replaced for a different letter or word. Dorkins also loudly proclaimed that anyone who disagreed with him must be a “poopy-head who had no idea how smart or British he was”

Kenny Milker, a biologist and farmer, has also weighed in. Apparently wanting to milk the issue for all it is worth, Kenny has been speaking to reporters and tv crews all over America pushing his idea that “this post obviously came about via neutral selection of a Plage mutation, where one species of post steals code from another post.”

Eugene Scott from the Nation Center for Strawmen Eviseration (NCSE) has come forward to claim that sections of the post seem to have evolved from many of NCSE’s common news releases. Eugene said “The similarities are amazing. Clearly this post has evolved from at least one of the common species of post we are responsible for here at the NCSE. It has obviously evolved through natural selection acting on two types of mutational mechanisms, the Plage mutation and the Globl-S&R mutation. I really can’t understand how anyone could dispute this.”

Evolutionary biologist brothers Tom and Jerry Coin disagree completely stating that “This post simply evolved from an ancient ancestor via random letter substitution over millions of years. There is no need to invoke S&R or Plage Mutations here. To put it simply, just because we have large gaps between the codes in posts does not mean we have to invoke some hopeful blogster type mutations. The simple explanation that our records of various posts is incomplete can explain these gaps and so removes any need to invoke these inventive solutions”.

Philosopher of Science, R Michael has claimed that it is all a Ruse saying “Clearly this is all a sham where evolutionists have once again let their religious beliefs influence their scientific pronouncements. Clearly, as many evolutionists disagree on the mechanism, the facts do not speak for themselves, but are instead interpreted in light of the pet theory of each evolutionist.”

Answers in Gnocchi spokesman Ken Bacon disagrees with the evolutionists however. When asked about the post Ken said “Plainly, this post must have been caused by someone with at least a modicum of intelligence. The information content we see in the post, whilst quite low, is still high enough to clearly rule out evolutionary mechanisms and even though we have never observed an evolutionist create an intelligent post before, I believe we can safely conclude that intelligence was responsible for the creation of this post”

William D Behe, from the Disk-recovery Institute (DI), surprisingly agrees with the evolutionists, saying “It is very clear to me and all of us at the DI that there was no Intelligent Design involved in the creation of this post.”
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