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The Cartoon War
Who thought up that name? there is certainly lots of comment, and more and more people seem to be saying that multiculturalism is a pipe dream. From the article
Differences between the West and the Muslim world can be chalked up to just that - differences. That's the truth about world ethnicity, and no amount of politically correct wishful thinking will change that truth. Countries that ignore that basic lesson of history and political science put themselves at grave risk of internal discord, subversion and civil war. Either a country is united in its common culture or it becomes disunited in its multiculturalism.
Too bad the elitist left can't grasp that simple truth. Or maybe they do and this is part of the plan. Is it time for the secular humanists to put forward mandatory government secular indoctrination?

Maby people also think this is a defining moment for elitist Europe. if they don't respond strongly, they can expect to be irrecovibly altered.

Ultimately, I think Europe is doomed. Between this sort of occurance and the terminal demographics problem that is going to make the muslim community a majority, the tail spin can only be checked by a complete change of culture towards and conservative christian worldview. I'm not holding my breath for that.
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