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I'm back, but hunting for a house to buy, so my team is somewhat limited. There are some interesting posts and articles out there, so here are a selection that appealed to me.

Michael Yon has relocated and has a great article up about the guts and bravado of a US citizen he knows who infilrated and helped the FBI to neuter a militant group (No, not the DNC) who was plotting revolution in the US. Amazing stuff.

Lifesite has a barrage of prolife news, including being threatened by a conservative politician for handing out prolife how to vote sheets, George W Bush's March for Life address, a number of US states considering almost completely banning abortion (This is on the move in Oz too....more on that another time), a UK judge denies parents the right to know their daughter is having an abortion (If it is just a medical procedure, why isn't held to the same standard as every other medical procedure?), and new research indicating women who have had abortions are much more likely to take part in substance abuse.

Richard Dawkins is out peddling his faith again. This time on a TV show calling religion (especially christianity) the 'Root of all Evil'. Dawkins of course, does it in a manner guaranteed to discredit himself.

Macht has a good list of pro-life organisations designed to refute the notion that por-life means conservative christian. Atheists, Feminists, Gays, and libertarians all have groups against abortion.

People are astounded that boys are doing worse than girls in schools. Of course, when you change schooling away from the traditional methods gained through thousands of years of experience at teaching (mostly boys) with new secular humanist and post-modern rubbish, it shouldn't be a suprise that schooling suffers.
Way interesting happenings. I have learned so much from direct messages from The Holy Spirit on The Holy Inheritance blog. One thing for sure... no matter what it looks like, the Holy Spirit has the entire process under control.
Welcome back. Missed reading you.
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