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Intelligent Design and String Theory
Sick for a day and already 2 bloggers beat me to the punch. Creation Safaris and David Heddle at He Lives both discuss a recent nature paper called 'Our Universe: Outrageous fortune' by Geoff Brumfiel.

David makes the very point I was thinking of when I read a quote of Nobel Prize winning theorist David Gross "People in string theory are very frustrated, as am I, by our inability to be more predictive after all these years". String theory is commonly accepted by science, not lampooned in the media,generally given at least a modicum of respect, as well as being allowed to publish in journals and receive research funding. Yet even after all these years, it can't be predictive and relies on random chance and untestable theories of multiple universes.

Yet intelligent design is derided at every turn. Could it be that it isn't the characteristics of the theories that are the problem, but the inescapable conclusions that are of real concern. It seems that people would prefer to avoid the notion that there is an omniscient God. So much for objective investigation.

Make sure you check out David's comments.
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