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The Corrupt Queensland Premier
Premier Peter Beattie has been through more scandals in the last decade than I have fingers and toes. Yet for some reason, people continue to think of him as a good premier. The latest few issues were the electricity shortfalls due to negligence and Queensland Health's doctor death debacle and it's associated problems.

Now it seems that Premier Beattie wants to allow politicians to lie to parlimentary committee's without being prosecuted, unlike the rest of us who would be up on criminal charges.

The case in point was former health minister Gordon Nuttall,
who was found by a police and CMC investigation to have lied to a Budget Estimates hearing last year.

Such an action is punishable by imprisonment under the criminal code, but Mr Nuttall's government colleagues used their numbers in Parliament to impose a political sanction against him rather than a criminal one.
I guess premier Beattie is all for not letting his colleagues being held accountable to the public for their criminal conduct.

And now it seems that Acting Premier Anna Bligh has indicated that the Government will move to protect politicians from prosecution for lying to committees. Talk about removing accountability from politicians. Considering the Beattie governments pathetic track record, all queenslanders should be very concerned.
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